This online course offers:

A powerful and innovative approach that gets to and directly deals with the root cause of emotional issues;

a proven toolkit recommended by experts in healthcare and coaching that you can share with clients and use yourself whenever you need to feel more settled, positive and confident;

the wherewith all to enhance your personal and professional relationships;

a peer support group which can become your tribe of like-minded people;

48 hours’ CPD;

a gateway to further training and work opportunities with Absolute Specialists Ltd  

and an approach that will support your mindfulness practice and and allow more peace, connected and presence in your life.

It consists of:

6 video and written tutorials on the theory behind the practice of Focussed Mindfulness;

6 exercises that will give you a direct eperience of the approach;

9  unique, deep teaching meditations from the author;

An hour-long online sessions via video link with a mentor who will guide you through the exercises, answer queries and give individual support. You can choose which when to access this;

8 chapters of the author’s story about the development of this work and video stories from other people who have experienced life changing benefits through using the tools

and a discussion form where you can share your experience, queries and comments with other learners.

At the end of the course there is a resource section to aide further study. You can also learn more from your mentor about retreats, the integrative therapy and integrative coach practitioner courses and opportunities to work for our social enterprise which provides courses and one to one sessions in emotional resilience in the workplace and in the community.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Exploring the course
  • 2
    Getting Started
    • My Story - Discovering The Tools That Heal.
    • Getting the Most from the Course.
    • Tips for Using This Platform
    • Talk to a Mentor
  • 3
    The Five Blocks to Peace
    • Introduction
    • The Five Blocks To Peace Teaching Video
    • The Five Blocks to Peace
    • Conscious Writing: Audio
    • Meditation: Body Awareness
    • Talk to a Mentor
  • 4
    The Inner Critic
    • Introduction to the Inner Critic Module
    • My Story - My Inner Critic
    • The Inner Critic Teaching Video
    • Exploring The Inner Critic
    • The Good Friend Exercise
    • The Kind Mind Meditation
    • Talk to a Mentor
  • 5
    Black and White Thinking
    • Introduction
    • My Story - My Black and White Thinking
    • Black and White Thinking Teaching Video
    • Exploring Black and White Thinking
    • The Questioning Thoughts Exercise
    • A Listening Exercise
    • Talk to a Mentor
    • Meditation: Resting in the Grey.
  • 6
    Locked In Emotions
    • Introduction to the Locked In Emotions Module
    • My Story - My Locked In Emotions
    • Julie's story: anxiety and panic attacks
    • Locked In Emotions Teaching Video
    • How Locked In Emotions Keep You From Peace
    • Releasing Your Locked In Emotions
    • The Pain Release Process Meditation
  • 7
    After Effects of Trauma
    • Introduction
    • The Effects of Trauma - audio
    • My Story - Living On Autopilot
    • Understanding Trauma Teaching Video
    • Understanding The Effects of Trauma
    • The Frozen Child Meditation
    • Talk to a Mentor
  • 8
    The Controlling Mind
    • Introduction
    • My Story - Letting Go of Control
    • Levels of Mind Teaching Video
    • Levels of Mind
    • Charles on addiction, adoption and colitis
    • Heart to Heart Meditation
    • Talk to a Mentor
  • 9
    The Continuing Journey to Increasing Peace of Mind
    • What next?
    • My Story - My Continuing Journey
    • Your Continuing Journey
    • Peaceful Mind Meditation


  • Clare Walters

    Lead tutor

    Clare Walters

    I have developed the practice of Focussed Mindfulness over the 25 years I have worked with people suffering from trauma, emotional distress and chronic physical pain both withink the NHS and as a private practitioner. I am a qualified psychotherapist, Journey Practitioner and person-centred supervisor and have studied with the world's leading teachers in contemporary spirituality and personal development. My own spiritual practice is based around the teachings of Ramana and Mooji. I have been teaching the approach since 2010 and each group of students contributes to the continuing refinement of the work.